Design of Public Spaces:
Bars, restaurants, hotels, boutiques and shops

Art installations, reform measures, 3D rendering, furniture selection, spatial planning


“When designing boutique spaces, I express the fashion and what it is meant to express with my creative decorating style to create exceptional shopping experiences." CA//


I create restaurants, bars and places that vibrate to provoke sensory experiences
that awaken all five senses.
"The place should be a complete and unique experience" CA//


“I like to create spaces that are dedicated to a lifestyle, where people identify themselves, that the environment accompanies with music".


""The hotel that I create is like a movie, creating the guest's expectations what they will experience, what they will feel, making them enjoy the outcome... CA//


Improve to sell. Space to discover new possibilities in interior decoration.
A particular look to reassign meaning to each object. Where the functionality and aesthetics of their designs prevail. CA//


"In the houses I try to combine the tendencies but the style give priority and will always prevail because the tendencies
tend to disappear." CA//


"Inside what is planning there always has to be a great idea". Making a good atmosphere means a leap in our spaces thanks to the atmosphere that can be achieved with the resources that the client possesses and above all, a large dose of creativity CA//