About me

“Subversive, creative, eclectic, humorous and sensual ...
that's how I describe my style as a designer” CA//

After several years of travel and life experiences around the world, I decide to change the rhythm ... ... I want to create projects with more tranquility
but no less exceptional. CA//


The appearance of a new space, house, restaurant, bar and hotel is always an occasion for Carolina Ansaldo to consider in depth the meaning of creation: the sense of a space within her environment, the sense and the feeling of a place for the people that inhabit it, the meaning of a project,
regardless of its size...

Carolina Ansaldo creates unique and exclusive pieces. The originality and attention to the detail makes each piece a collector's item. Her art design is acclaimed by clients from all over the world to decorate and give life to murals, interior design and innovative events. Using a fusion of styles, textures, materials and colors, Carolina Ansaldo always achieves the right balance and perfect harmony.

“Public spaces are all about emotions and experiences, the idea is to generate strong emotions, create spaces that people seek to discover what they were looking for and also find more..." CA//